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    Celebrate summer with the UBCSC next Saturday (July 24) for a BBQ at the JSCA picnic tables! Find mentors, meet new sailing partners, and grab some grub at the Summer Sizzler starting at 5pm. Get your tickets online. Contact our social coordinator, Degly, about volunteer work hour opportunities. It’s shore to be a blast - sea you there!

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    UBSea News
    July 16, 2021


    Summer Sizzler

    Join us on Jul 24 from 5-9pm for a BBQ at the picnic tables near the Jericho Sailing Centre entrance. This is a great way to meet mentors/mentees, find new sailing partners, and get some affordable grub! Tickets are available here. See you there! Keep your eyes peeled for recurring weekend social events like this one on our Facebook and instagram pages.  

    Bowen Island Day Trip

    If you are a C1, 2, or 3 certified sailor and would like a chance to try out the Nacras, what better way than with experienced cat sailors on their way to Bowen Island! This event is organized by Alberto and Federico and will be taking place the morning of Jul 24. More info here!


    Mentorship Program

    If you are certified and experienced on a craft, mentorship is a great way to help novice members and earn work hours towards your refundable deposit. Attend our social events or browse our forum to find mentees.


    If you notice something around the club that needs cleaning or fixing, feel free to chip in! Be sure to email the appropriate fleet captain first if you are unsure how to go about the repair. The goal of work hours are to maintain the club and keep costs low - every bit helps! Be sure to log your hours by submitting a completed form

    OH SHEET! QR Codes

    See something broken that you are unable to fix? Scan the QR codes located in the fix-it, club, and HP rooms to report on our fleet's condition.

    #TBT: Tool Box Thursdays

    Regular drop-in get-togethers will be taking place on Thursdays at Jericho. These are community events aimed at learning repairs from those with experience, earning work hours by fixing equipment, and making new friends! There may even be time for some sailing afterwards...Stay tuned for exact times on our mediainstagram, and Facebook pages. Email to participate. 

    Prevention is the Best Cure

    Please follow the proper care and storage protocol for our equipment to avoid damage and having to repair it. For example, the newly repaired auto-bailers in the lasers. Be a good sailor and close the bailer! (black plug at the back of the cockpit when launching and landing to avoid them snapping off). 


    RS Quest Satisfaction 

    Let us know what you think about the newest addition to our fleet.

    RS Quest Survey


    A friendly reminder to sign out boats in our logbook. Take the survey to tell us which method of sign-out you prefer.

    Join us on Jul 24 from 5-9pm for a BBQ at the picnic tables near the Jericho Sailing Centre entrance. This is a great way to meet mentors/mentees, find new sailing partners, and get some affordable grub! Tickets are available here. See you there! Keep your eyes peeled for recurring weekend social events like this one on our Facebook and instagram pages.  

    Island Day Tri

    Logbook Survey

    If you are a C1, 2, or 3 certified sailor and would like a chance to try out the Nacras, what better way than with experienced cat sailors on their way to Bowen Island! This event is organized by Alberto and Federico and will be taking place the morning of Jul 24. More info 

    Best Regards,

    UBC Sailing Club

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    Show someone the ropes! Our mentorship program is a great way to get work hours, meet members, or become certified on equipment for free. Checklists are available for mentors to use as a standardized approach to certifying mentees. Certification can be acquired through the mentorship program for beginner sailing, kayaking, intermediate windsurfing, and advanced sailing. You can find mentors/ mentees at social events, website forum, or on our Facebook page! Visit mentoring for more details. 

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    UBSea News
    June 7, 2021

    Registration for the 2021-2022 Season STILL OPEN!

    We are still accepting both student and general public members - join us! Check out our lessons or mentorship program (below)! If the lesson you would like to participate in is full, please add yourself to the general waitlist for that water activity (bottom of lesson page).  

    **If you are a beginner certified member who would like to re-do the water portion of a lesson for free today until June 10 email

    Jericho Racing

    Racing is back! Jericho is hosting their racing series Tuesday nights at 6:15pm and Sundays at 12:30pm. Don't forget to register here to be able to race.

    Laser Racing Sails

    We recently purchased new Laser Standard Mark II sails that we will be using exclusively for racing. To ensure the equipment is well cared for, we are in the process of adding a locked compartment in the Club Room where we will store these sails. If you’re a racer and want access to these sails for Tuesday or Sunday Racing please email to receive the code for the lock. Lastly, to ensure the sails are used by people with racing experience, only members who have raced at least twice this season may request their use.

    Mentorship Program

    Our mentorship program is in effect - it is a way for members to get certified on our fleets via the guidance and instruction of other members who are experienced with a particular craft. Mentoring covers the same skills as lessons, and:

    • is free of charge (though your mentor may appreciate a beverage or meal at the Galley)
    • requires flexibility to coordinate times where mentor, mentee, and craft are available during suitable conditions
    • allows mentees to allocate up to 2 work hours amongst mentors
    • follows a checklist (also available in a folder in the club room drawer labeled "mentorship checklists") specific to the craft to standardize certification to ensure members are sufficiently skilled to safely operate vessels

    We have mentorship checklists for most of our crafts including beginner and C1 Sailing, beginner and intermediate kayaking, and intermediate and high wind windsurfing. We aim to have the intermediate, C2, C3, A1 and A2 sailing checklist done by end of June. Mentors and mentees can connect with each other on our forum

    Social Coordinator

    Enjoy being a part of and building community? Do you enjoy organizing events? Then we encourage you to apply for our social coordinator position. This role includes coming up with events for current and prospective members to help with recruitment and grow our sense of community. If you’re interested in the position, please email and state why you think you’d be a good fit for the role. 

    Introducing the New RS Quest!

    As part of our fleet renewal we voted to replace our FJ fleet with the RS Quest. This is a beginner friendly boat that is stable, comfortable and tons of fun with potential for trapeze and spinnaker add-ons. We just purchased one RS Quest to test it out and get a sense of how it will fit into our Club. We’re extremely excited to have it here! If you’d like to sail it and give us your feedback, please register for one of our RS Quest Rigging Workshops

    Boats Rearranged

    The Hobies and Nacras have been shifted from the grassy bumps and onto the flat areas. We are aware that parking these boats was hard and this should make the process much easier. The lighter skiffs are now on these hills and one RS 800 has been moved to the second row of boats where our Hobie, Jungle Beast, used to sit.

    Chilly Summers

    It is every member's responsibility to dress warm enough so that at no time during their sail or paddle they feel cold. Beyond the physiological risks of hypothermia, being cold reduces your ability to learn and improve during a session. A few recommendations:

    • head cover (toque, cap), gloves, above-ankle neoprene booties to keep warm and protect from injury
    • long sleeve, long-leg wetsuit, of the right thickness
    • additional wool layers, rashguard, windbreaker

    Safety Reminder

    As sailors/windsurfers/paddlers, we are always adapting to changing conditions such as wind speed, currents, and other vessels on the water. Sound decision making takes practice and time to gradually develop. Over the past weeks, we have noticed certain situations from beginner sailors that could lead to personal injury, injury of their guests, and damage to our equipment, which in turn could endanger other members using that equipment. When taking equipment out, especially with a guest, consider the following:

    • how skilled are you at controlling equipment on your own, including its balance, with a guest who does not know how to balance it on the water or when to adjust sail controls?
    • how do you handle launching? landing? who holds the dolly?
    • how do you recover from a capsize? how do you deal with your guest in that event? what are your priorities?
    • is the day's weather and tide making your sail harder or easier? how do you adjust?
    • can you adequately communicate with your guest to ensure safety? reach help during your sail?

    This list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure of these questions, delay your sail until the conditions are better, or your skill and knowledge have improved either through mentoring or lessons. Perhaps refrain from taking a guest with you until you gain more experience. If a member is observed putting themselves, their guest, or equipment at risk, it is in the interest of all members to advise them of the risk you saw and to let our executives know. This way the equipment can be checked, remedial training can be offered, and if needed, equipment access suspended until rectified. We want to ensure that other members can continue to safely enjoy our water sports.

    UBCSC Grill & Chill

    Summer is sizzling and so is our grill. Join us for dinner and get to know your fellow water-sport enthusiasts on June 26 at 5pm! Registration is first-come, first-served and plus one. Please let us know of vegetarian preferences and song requests in the notes section. See you there!

    Best Regards,

    UBC Sailing Club

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    Join the UBCSC #skiffskwad and become certified on our spicy RS500. This boat has trapezing and spinnaker capability, so in addition to sailing you will be able to fly! Advanced sailing classes are available as early as Jun 10-20 and Jun 24-Jul 4 to intermediate-certified members.

    You have learnt the basics of sailing, now it is time to take your skills to the next level. See you on the water (or in the sky)!

    #ubcsc #ubcsailingclub #ubcsailing #skiffskwad #sailing #rssailing #vancity #pacificnorthwest #jerichobeach #jerichosailingcentre #trapezeartist #needforspeed

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    UBSea News
    May 10, 2021

    Registration for the 2021-2022 Season STILL OPEN!

    We are still accepting members - join us! A warm welcome to those who have already joined the UBCSC. We are excited for the upcoming season bringing with it the opportunity to meet fellow water-sport enthusiasts, develop new skills, and stay healthy during the pandemic. Whether you are a beginner or expert, student or general public, enjoy calm paddles or have a need for speed, you can find it at the UBCSC for the most affordable price in Vancouver. Check out our lessons! Note: due to high demand, payment is required 15 mins after you register for a lesson before it is offered to the next member on the waitlist so be sure to secure your spot. 

    Extra Beginner Lessons Available Now

    Due to popular demand, extra beginner sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking lessons have been added for the upcoming month and are now open for registration. These include a daytime beginner sailing lesson starting May 17-20, beginner windsurfing course scheduled for Jun 10-13, and a daytime beginner kayak class on May 16. Become certified in time for warm, windy, summer days. 

    Work Hour Opportunities

    Remember that refundable work deposit you paid for during registration? You can get it back by:

    • completing duties listed here
    • completing repairs/work you've independently identified was necessary
    • referring a friend - 1 work hr per friend who becomes a member!
    • If you are an experienced Hobie sailor who has been with the UBCSC for a few years, you can earn a work hour by creating a checklist of what needs to be taught in our mentorship program to become C1 certified.
    • Fostering the aquatic community by volunteering with clubs based out of the Jericho Sailing Centre such as the Disabled Sailing Association or the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets.
    Make sure to submit your hours here. The UBCSC is non-profit and member-run, meaning we need your help to maintain and repair fleets to keep our equipment in prime condition so it can continue to keep us floating, foiling, and flying! 

    Find it on the Forum

    The forum is a website tool for members to discuss all things UBC Sailing Club. If you have questions post them here or answer to help out fellow members. Find sailing partners, work hours, and FAQs on the forum. 

    Monthly Safety Reminder

    Prolonging the life of our equipment is essential to minimizing expenditure and consequent fees. If you have questions or need to brush up on proper care, visit the forum and keep an eye out for posters around the club.  

    Best Regards,

    UBC Sailing Club

  • 24 Apr 2021 6:03 PM | Anonymous member

    With the start of the season, you may want to:
    - buy/try a wetsuit, thermal rashguard, or hat
    - get a tour of the Jericho sailing centre and our club equipment
    - meet a member of the Steering Committee, to answer your questions
    - just hang out by the water to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine (or our occasional local specialty, liquid sunshine)

    We are now organizing in-person office hours. You can see them listed on this page. If you plan to come, make sure to register for that day, as we may not be present otherwise.

  • 26 Mar 2021 7:02 PM | Anonymous

    UBSea News
    March 26, 2021

    Registration for the 2021-2022 Season NOW OPEN!

    Register for the new season here! We are using a new website and registration system so everyone (including returning members) will have to create a new account. In order to make sure that we have a signed waiver from all our members, we have to manually approve your registration, which may take a few days to complete. If possible, please register ASAP so that we can start processing applications before lesson registration opens.

    Lesson Registration Opens April 3, 2021 @ 10 AM

    The lesson calendar is up and registration will open Saturday, April 3, 2021, at 10 AM (PDT). We expect that lessons will fill up quickly, so make sure that you have registered as a member on our website well in advance, as registration applications can take multiple days to process.

    Also please note that there may be some last minute changes to the calendar, before April 3, so check regularly if you are aiming to sign up for a specific lesson set.

    Vanguard Workshop

    Did you take intermediate lessons last season? If that's the case, we are now giving you the opportunity to get certified on the Vanguards, which are our intermediate double handed boat. Last year, due to Covid, we were only able to certify members on Lasers but we are now hosting a free workshop to teach you all about the Vanguard. Content covered includes rigging, launching and landing. It will take place on Wednesday, April 8th at 8pm and you can register for it on our website.

    COVID-19 Affecting Doublehanded Lessons

    For the time being, we ask that you register for lessons with someone who is already in your Core Bubble. When you sign up, you will pay for both yourself and on behalf of your partner.

    Please see our website for more information and how this process may change later in Summer.

    Recruiting Head of Communication and Head of Marketing

    We’re looking to hire a Head of Communication. This role is primarily responsible for communicating with potential or current members through newsletters, social media, and emails. On a daily basis, answering emails will be the primary task. This person should have sufficient experience and knowledge of how the club operates to answer club related questions.

    The Head of Marketing will contribute to marketing campaigns and recruitment. This job entails allocating a budget effectively to increase awareness of the UBC Sailing Club among students and non-students through creating ads, organizing Open Houses, running AMS Club Day booths and other similar activities. Specific Club related knowledge is not required but could be an asset.

    Both student and nonstudent members are welcomed to apply for these positions. These are volunteer positions and are not paid.  However, both positions receive a free UBCSC membership.

    You can apply here. Applications are due Monday, April 5, 2021 @ 11:59 PM. 

    New (Old) Laser in our Fleet

    Thanks to siblings Neil and Devyn Cousineau for donating their laser from the 1980’s. Since we recently had to retire one of the Lasers due to extensive damage, we will be using this boat for this season and replacing it with a newer one either by the end of this season or the beginning of next season.

    Virtual Registration Night & Office Hours

    The Steering Committee is working hard to prepare for the 2021/22 season. We are sure many of you have questions you’d like to ask us as we approach this next season. Whether you are a member concerned about our COVID-19 guidelines, or you are interested in joining our club, we are here to answer your questions. That's why we are hosting regularly scheduled UBCSC Virtual Office Hours.

    There will be an additional Virtual Registration Night on April 2nd, as well as additional office hours on April 3rd for questions regarding club and lesson registration. Click here to see our upcoming office hours.

    Newsletter Renamed

    We've renamed our newsletter from the old Tsunami News to the current UBSea News. Look out for our newsletter to stay up to date on important Club announcements and upcoming events.

    Best Regards,

    UBC Sailing Club 

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    TSUNAMI NEWS - 23 FEB 2021

    Virtual Town Hall

    We will be hosting our next town hall on Thursday, March 11 2021 at 6PM (PST) as a Zoom meeting. Our panel will be presenting updates on a variety of club operations, with topics such as: the new mentorship program, our new website, fleet renewal, COVID-19 impact and policies, and lessons for the upcoming season. Members will also have the opportunity to ask questions, so be sure to come by if you have any for the Steering Committee.

    Zoom Link:

    Workshop - Barriers in accessing outdoor groups faced by BIPOC

    The UBC Surf Club, Varsity Outdoor Club and Ski and Board Club are hosting a virtual workshop on dismantling barriers BIPOC face when accessing outdoor clubs.  

    As members of the UBC Sailing Club, we participate in a sport that has historically been white dominant and has higher barriers to entry. We really encourage everyone to attend to hear 3 speakers talk about the work they've been doing to increase the diversity and inclusivity of outdoor groups. There will also be a guided workshop on how to make outdoor clubs more accessible to everyone.

    Date: Feb 24th at 5pm 

    Location: Zoom 


    New website

    The new website is live already. From here on it will be the centrepiece that helps the Steering Committee manage club membership and communication. While we will present it in more detail at the town hall, you can already check it out and help us make it work for you. If you see something that does not function, or think of something that should be there, please email JB at

    Members are welcome to the Steering Committee meetings

    Interested in what the Steering Committee does? Maybe you want to join the Steering Committee in the future? Come listen and watch the meetings in action.

    See when we are having our next meeting, and register on our events calendar.

    Windsurfing social event

    Exciting news! Join us on Wed, Feb 24 at 7PM (PST) for windsurfing stories night, cause hey, it'll be better than Netflix   Featuring speakers such as wave surfer in Maui (Craig Hennesey, a former windsurfing fleet captain), and a 4-time Canadian Olympian sailor and windsurfer (Nikola Girke).

    Event link:

    Zoom social event

    Come join us at our online social event being hosted on Thursday, March 4 at 7:00PM (PST); socialize and meet new people!

    Zoom meeting link:

    Meeting ID: 699 2334 8786

    Passcode: 251060

    We're hiring instructors!

    Are you interested in working for us as a Windsurfing Instructor? If so, please email our head instructor, Christoph, at

  • 7 Feb 2021 6:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A few weeks ago, former UBC Sailing Club fleet captain Peter Stricker posted a throwback picture on our Facebook page. It showed our fleet of Flying Juniors at the Kistilano Yacht Club in the 1970's.

    Through the conversations that followed, Peter shared with us the story of his years at the UBC Sailing Club. You can read it here.

    He also shared scans of the Beautiful BC magazine from 1974 containing an article about sailing, and the picture initially posted on our Facebook page.

    These scans are below - click on them to enjoy them in full size.


Sailing - Windsurfing - Kayaking - Paddle boarding

Jericho Sailing Centre, 1300 Discovery St., Vancouver BC V6R 4K5
Like most of Vancouver, the Jericho Sailing Centre is located on unceded, traditional and ancestral territory of the Coast Salish Peoples,
including the territories of xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and Səl̓ílwətaɬ (Tsleil-Waututh) - What does that mean?

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