Steering Committee

Our club is run by this dedicated group of volunteers. With the help of our club members, especially the key people below, we work towards making the club a place that fulfill its mission towards our members and community.

President: Emilie

Vice-President & Commodore: Nina

Treasurer: Julian

Rear Commodore: Mauricio S.

Rear Commodore: Karen

Rear Commodore: Jean-Baptiste

Rear Commodore: Mauricio V.

Meet the rest of the team

VP Administration: Mona

Head Instructor: Christoph

Fleet Captains and Bosuns

Monohull Fleet Captain: Tom

Monohull Bosun: Scott

High-Performance Fleet Captain: Jane

High-Performance Bosun: Aaron

High-Performance Bosun: Gabbie

SUP & Windsurfing Fleet Captain: Marcelo

SUP & Windsurfing Bosun: Lucas

Kayaking Fleet Captain: Kevin


Sailing - Windsurfing - Kayaking - Paddle boarding

Jericho Sailing Centre, 1300 Discovery St., Vancouver BC V6R 4K5

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