Learn... then share your skills

Members must be certified on a craft to take it out on the water. In addition to ensuring a basic standard for safety and familiarity with our environment and club rules and policies, this reduces the chance of damage or accident, which can result in costly repairs and fewer crafts available for our members.

If you have prior experience, you can do a proficiency exam to get certified.

If you have no prior experience on the craft you want to enjoy, the UBC sailing club offers lessons that will ensure you will be safe and confident in that craft.

If you are experienced with one craft, be it operating it on the water or fixing it, and want to share your skills with other members, we would be happy to have you do that! Please email the fleet captain for that craft for maintenance skills. For teaching on the water, please look at our mentoring page.


Sailing - Windsurfing - Kayaking - Paddle boarding

Jericho Sailing Centre, 1300 Discovery St., Vancouver BC V6R 4K5


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