Catamaran sailing lessons

Cat 1 Lessons ($120)

Prerequisites: Intermediate Sailing

The Cat 1 course introduces members to multihull sailing on our Hobie 16s. Students learn the basics of sailing a catamaran while also being introduced to trapezing. The Hobie 16 makes for a fun introducing to catamaran sailing as it picks up some more speed but is rather uncomplicated compared to our other catamarans.

Cat 2 Lessons ($160)

Prerequisites: Cat 1 Sailing

The Nacra F18 is quite the step up from the Hobie 16. Our Cat 2 course introduces students to high speed catamaran sailing, flying a spinnaker and multihull racing.

Cat 3

Prerequisites: Cat 2 Sailing

The Nacra F18 Infusion is the fastest boat at our Club and is made more competitive racing. Learning to sail this boat is a truly exhilarating process. We do not offer Cat 3 lessons, instead member get certified on the F18 Infusions through the mentoring program.

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