UBC Sailing Club

 Hi! And welcome to the new UBC Sailing webpage!


UBC Sailing specializes in getting it’s members full access to many watersports, including dinghy, skiff and catamaran sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding all throughout the summer (and winter if you so dare!).  All this for an affordable rate makes UBC Sailing the largest club at Jericho Sailing Center!

UBC Student Registration Days will be held on campus around March next year.

2017-18 Membership Fee Details

For a yearly membership, please add up the membership price, work deposit (refundable with volunteer hours), and JSCA Membership.  For example, a general member (non-student) rate is $459+GST (=$260+$100+$99, with $100 of that being refundable), and a single UBC Student rate is $284+GST (=$85+$100+$99, with $100 of that being refundable) for the 2017-2018 year.  This includes unlimited access to all watercraft (dinghys, catamarans, windsurfers, stand-up paddle boards, kayaks) that the member is qualified for at no additional cost (unlike some of the other clubs!).

UBC Student: $85*
Associate (a student at another post-secondary institution): $175*
General (Non-student): $260*
Work Deposit:
All members: $100* (charged to all members, refundable after 8 hours of volunteer work with the club)
JSCA membership:
Single membership: $99*
Family membership: $142*
Junior rates are available as well.

*GST not included

We strongly encourage members to pay in cash, if possible. This saves the club the transaction fee charged by credit card companies.

Note: All UBC Sailing Club members must have valid Jericho Sailing Centre Association (JSCA) memberships. Any member who joins the UBC Sailing Club and fails to acquire a JSCA membership shall have their UBC Sailing Club membership revoked, without refund.

If you have any questions about registration, please email our Registrar, Golnoosh, at registrar@ubcsailing.org

Please note that our new website is still is under construction in some areas, so you may find links change as we move things around.