stand-up paddle boarding lessons

SUP Orientation ($24)

Prerequisites: None

Stand Up Paddle-board is a great balance practice, a  core workout and a way to get out on the water on days when the wind is too light to sail.  The sport has gained huge popularity in the last 5 to 10 years.  There are many events and paddle evening for SUPers to participate in. This class is basic and short with the aim of getting you access to the gear the same day as your class. 

Things covered in this class:

  • Launching and landing safely.  

  • Safe storage and care of equipment. 

  • Paddle and sterling technique

  • Self rescue

  • Safety precautions and obstacles when out on the water. 

To pass the course the instructor must feel confident in your ability to do the following:

  • Take proper care of the equipment in a safe manner

  • Show awareness of your surroundings on the water, avoiding obstacles and staying a safe distance from shore.

  • Know when the conditions are right for your skill level. 

  • Be able to self rescue back to shore at any point without assistance. 

  • The class will involve a basic test where you launch and land your board safely and move from a specific point on the shore, out to a 5kt buoy and back to the exact spot where you started. 

Things that will help you to do well in this course (These are not requirements)

  • Having good balance.  Snowboarding, surfing, yoga , martial arts or core strengthening exercises will all help with this. 

Lesson Hours: 1.5

SUP Yoga ($26)

Prerequisites: SUP Orientation

Yoga on SUP board! This will help you create balance and stability, along with strength and flexibility, in mind, breath and body. Beginner to expert level. Please ensure you can swim for the classes.

Lesson Hours: 2

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