For each craft, our fleet serves the dual purpose of skill development and enjoyment. This means:

  • From stable beginner equipment to finer, more challenging high-performance equipment, members of any level can find a way to simply relax on the water, or safely embrace a challenge.

  • All our crafts are at the Jericho Sailing Centre, right by the water. No need to hitch a trailer to your car to bring your craft to the water, and more water time for all members to enjoy.
  • In addition to the crafts themselves, our club also has the required equipment (life jackets, spare paddles, pumps), reducing the amount of equipment YOU need to own to little more than suitable clothing for the weather
  • Trips are organized regularly, suited to the fleet you use. If you want to organize one, speak to your fleet captain or to the Steering Committee! Initiatives are welcome.

Our club has 34 sailboats across 7 types, from single-handed Lasers to fun and fast F18 Infusion Catamarans. Whether you are new to sailing or a seasoned racer, our fleet has something for you to enjoy and/or to challenge your skills.

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Kayaking can be your passion, a way to relax on a no-wind day, or a workout... whatever your reason, it is a fantastic way to explore the shoreline of Vancouver and beyond, be it on a day trip or an overnight one. Our club has 16 kayaks. Singles, doubles, fiberglass, plastic... one of them will suit your needs.

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Aiming to end up in the water more often than not? Want a more hands-on control of your sail than in a sailboat? Looking to challenge your balance on the water? Windsurf it is for you then. Our club has 31 boards, from 225L stable beginner boards to 80L high-wind ones. 19 rigged sails, and also 30 high-wind sails that you can take on a trip with you.

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No wind? Need a core workout? Take a SUP for a paddle. We have 5 of them. Enjoy a relaxing paddle in the quiet waters or have fun catching a wave on a breezy day. 

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Jericho Sailing Centre, 1300 Discovery St., Vancouver BC V6R 4K5

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