Kayaking lessons

Beginner Lessons ($50)

Prerequisites: None

This introduction to kayaking is meant for first timers or inexperienced paddlers. No previous experience is required! The lessons consist of dry land instruction prior to the on-water component and will teach you how to kayak safely, have lots of fun on the water and gain a better understanding of kayaking as a sport. 


  • Introduction to the club facilities
  • Boat design and boat outfitting
  • Safety equipment, gear selection and clothing
  • Equipment care and maintenance

Paddling skills

  • Transporting the kayak
  • Entering and exiting your kayak from beach/docks
  • Rudder usage
  • Forward and reverse paddling
  • Forward and reverse sweep strokes
  • Draw stroke

Rescue and safety skills

  • Low brace
  • Wet exit (yes you will be getting wet)
  • Retrieving a swamped kayak
  • Assisted rescue
  • Self rescue
  • Rafting

Paddlers will gain experience in both single and double kayaks depending on group size. This pretty much covers the basic paddling of paddle Canada Level 1, even if no proper certification is delivered.

Intermediate Lessons

Prerequisites: At least 1 season of kayaking after the beginner course or a significant amount of time paddling after the beginner course (around 20 hours) 

If you would like to improve your technique or learn specific skills, we can set up some more advanced courses. Just motivate other members to form a group so we can organize it! It is for instance possible to go in a pool, or in front of Jericho during the summer to practice the Eskimo roll on the plastic kayaks.


  • Navigation, tides/currents, weather, sea state, signalling/communication for paddler
  • Multi-day trip planning

Paddling skills

    • Efficient and effective strokes (forward, turning, bow/stern rudders, stopping, sideward displacement, low & high braces)
    • Boat edging and dynamic stroke combinations

    Rescue and safety skills

    • Self-rescue techniques (intro to rolling, paddle float, stern climb)
    • Assisted rescue techniques (heel hook/T, bow presentation, scoop, stirrup, all-in, hand of God, etc)
    • Towing skills (contact, tow-line)

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