Advanced Sailing Lessons

Advanced 1 Lessons ($165)

Prerequisites: Intermediate Sailing

The advanced 1 lessons introduce students to skiff sailing on our RS 500s. This is a faster and more unstable boat compared to the beginner and intermediate boats and is a very exciting experience for sailors new to skiff sailing. Students learn more advanced sail trimming, racing techniques, trapezing, and rudderless sailing. This course does not include learning to fly the spinnaker.

Advanced 2 Lessons ($165)

Prerequisites: Advanced 1 Sailing

The focus of the advanced 2 lessons is on learning to trapeze and use the spinnaker on the RS 500s. Students will be taught proper trapezing technique, how to hoist and douse the spinnaker and how to gybe with the spinnaker up. This is a truly exciting experience for sailors looking for a thrill and wanting to sail at high speeds.

Advanced 3

Prerequisites: Advanced 2 Sailing

The RS800 is the big brother of the RS500. With a spinnaker, double trapeze and hiking-wings this is an exhilarating boat to sail. It comes with a steep learning curve but teaches students the kind of high performance skiff sailing many sailors dream about. We do not offer advanced 3 lessons, instead member get certified on the RS800s through the mentoring program.

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