Joining the club: process & pricing

New member?

  • for Student pricing, submit your current UBC student number during registration
  • to activate your membership, we check the following:
    • JSCA membership,
    • club fee and work deposit paid,
    • signed waiver uploaded as part of the registration process
  • once your membership is activated, 3 possible ways to get certified to access a fleet:
  • once certified on a fleet, your JSCA membership card also gives you access to the club room for that fleet
  • our club membership runs from April 1st to March 31st, like your JSCA membership 
  • new members who join between September and March have their club membership extended until March 31st of the following year

Questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions.

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To become a UBC Sailing Club member, you need to purchase 3 items:

  • a UBC Sailing Club membership
  • a Jericho Sailing Centre Association membership
  • a refundable Work Deposit


Price / year

UBC Sailing Club




Jericho $99
Work Deposit $150

UBC Sailing Club Membership

  • General: $325  |  Student (registered at UBC): $115      
  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Jericho Sailing Centre Membership

  • Single: $99  |  FAMILY (for couples that reside at the same address): $142  |  JUNIOR: $59 
  • Mandatory for all members of UBC Sailing Club.  Purchase directly from JSCA.

Refundable Deposits

  • Work Deposit: $150.  This mandatory deposit is refunded to members who complete a total of eight hours of volunteer work. Work Hour opportunities are regularly posted about on our Facebook page, our Newsletter or our member forum.
  • High Wind Deposit: $100.  This optional deposit is for members to access specific high-wind windsurfing equipment.
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Gaining Access to Fleets

Lessons & Mentoring

If you are new to sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and paddle boarding, we require all members to take beginner lessons before using any fleets. We offer many beginner lessons throughout the spring and summer. You can sign up for lessons during the registration process or at any point afterwards by checking our lessons calendar. 
We also have a mentoring program that allows you to progress on a craft in a different way. More information here.

Proficiency Exams

If you do have previous experience, we have the option for members to take a proficiency exam. An instructor will ask you to perform certain skills on the water and determine if you have all the required abilities to get certified on our fleet. Click here to see more about proficiency exams.

Card Access

After passing a lesson or proficiency exam you are allowed to take out that fleet and the corresponding "lower level fleets". For example, if you pass the advanced 1 sailing proficiency exam you may use our intermediate and beginner boats as well. Before you can go and use our equipment you need to record your Jericho card number in your UBCSC account. This is very important as your Jericho card gives you access to our different equipment rooms. Once certified you have unlimited access to the equipment and may take it out as many times as you wish free of any additional charges.

JSCA card reader at UBCSC club room door.


Sailing - Windsurfing - Kayaking - Paddle boarding

Jericho Sailing Centre, 1300 Discovery St., Vancouver BC V6R 4K5

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