Windsurfing & SUP


Windsurfing is a fun sport when there is wind.

Windsurfing Fleet

Beginner Boards

These are wide-style and offer a lot of flotation and stability for those learning the basics of windsurfing when matched with brand new Hot Sails Maui Beginner sails.

Members can use these boards once completing a level 1 (L1) class or by taking a proficiency exam.

  • (2) 2011 Bic Beach 225 L
  • (2) 2013 Bic Beach 225 L
  • (3) 2004 HiFly Motion 219 L
  • (1) 2005 Mistral Trance 185 L

Intermediate Boards

Slightly more performance-oriented, these boards are constructed of lighter material and are designed to go faster than our beginner boards. These boards are a great way to further develop skills learned on the beginner boards at the same time enjoy a faster windsurfing experience.

Members can use intermediate boards once they’ve completed L2 lessons or passed a proficiency exam to be L2 qualified

  •  2010 Naish Kailua 140 L
  • (5) 2006-2012 Naish Kailua 160 L

Advanced Intermediate Boards

The Bic Technos are smaller intermediate boards so that you can get going faster on windy days. These boards offer good stability and are used in our water-start classes to learn high-wind skills.

  • 2007 Bic Techno 133 L
  • 2013 Bic Techno 133 L

The Slalom boards (Fanatic Falcons) are designed for acceleration, speed and control. They are quality boards used by the world champs for racing, and perfect for getting some real speed on the water at Jericho on a 15 knot day. Members can access these boards by being high-wind qualified or being an experienced L2 and taking a slalom clinic.

  • 2014 Fanatic Falcon 140L
  • 2014 Fanatic Falcon 130L

Long boards have a long waterline allowing for fast gliding through the water and great flotation for stability while paddling. Take them out for a relaxing paddle when the winds are light, or get a taste of the joys of longboard windsurfing when the wind picks up.

  • 2007 Exocet Kona Freestyle 220L

High Wind Boards

Boards are normally sub 120L. These boards are generally used at high wind locations such as Squamish, Nitinat Lake, Hood River and the Oregon Coast. We have a range of freeride, freestyle wave, freestyle, and wave boards.

Members can take high-wind boards to high-wind destinations once qualified on high-wind & once they’ve paid an additional $100 work deposit.

  • 2009 Naish Global Wave 78L
  • 2004 RRD Wavecult 80L
  • 2013 Fanatic Quad 87L
  • 2007 Naish Global Wave 87L
  • 2010 Naish Freestyle wave 90L
  • 2010 Naish Freestyle 100L
  • 2004 JP Super-x 104 L
  • 2008 F2 Spice 106L
  • 2012 RRD Freestyle wave 108L
  • 2010 Fanatic Hawk 108L
  • 2007 Naish Nitrix 125L
  • 2002 Starboard Formula 160L


The UBC Sailing Club has a full range of rigged sails:

Number of rigged sails: 19

Range of rigged sails: 3.2 m – 9.5 m

Age of Sails: 2005 – 2013

The UBC Sailing Club has a full range of sails reserved for high wind trips:

Number of high wind sails: 30

Range of high wind sails: 2.7 m – 7.0 m

Age of Sails: 2006 – 2013


Rigged sails and beginner / intermediate boards are stored just steps away from the water.
Just grab a board and a sail and you’re off.




No wind? Take a SUP out for a paddle. Enjoy a relaxing paddle in the quiet waters or have fun catching a wave on a breezy day. Sign-up for SUP yoga to test your balance and flexibility.

Members can access the SUPs once they’ve taken a SUP orientation or completed a windsurfing lesson.

  • (2) 2012 Ace Tec 11’6” SUP
  • (2) 2012 Ace Tec 10’6” SUP
  • (1) 2013 Ace Tec 11’6 SUP