Sailing Proficiency Exams

If you’ve sailed before you joined the club, you may gain access to our fleet through a proficiency exam. Exams are available at the level of Intermediate (equivalent to at least CANSail 3) or higher.  A proficiency exam takes around 2 hours and costs around $60 and will consist of a short orientation to the club, in addition to the exam itself. In order to apply to be tested, please submit a sailing resume to  with the following details:
• when, where and with whom did you learn how to sail?
• any prior sailing courses and/or certification?
• what kinds of boats have you sailed?
• how many years of sailing experience do you have?
• when was the last time you sailed?

If you don’t have recent sailing experience on a boat similarly demanding to a Laser, your request will be denied.

If you have some sailing experience but are not ready for an Intermediate proficiency examination, you may be able to enrol directly in an Intermediate course. Please contact the lessons coordinator at if you are interested in doing so.