Proficiency Exam

Kayak Proficiency Exam

This exam allows club members who are experienced paddlers to become certified to use our kayaks without first taking lessons. The exam lasts  about an hour and requires demonstrating self and assisted rescue (please dress appropriately). No instruction is provided and the member will become certified at the instructor’s discretion.  No cost.

To arrange a proficiency exam submit a kayaking resume to the Fleet Captain at with the following details:

  • When, where and with whom did you learn how to paddle an ocean kayak, and when was the last time you were in one?
  • How many hours of paddling experience do you have?
  • How many overnight paddling expeditions have you been on (dates & locations)?
  • How many times have you performed a wet-exit, an assisted and a self-rescue?
  • Any prior kayaking courses and/or kayaking certification?


Upon review of your Kayaking Resume, the Kayak Fleet Captain will contact you to arrange your exam. If you fail the exam or do not meet the above requirements, you must complete a kayak lesson (either beginner or intermediate) prior to being able to use the kayaks.

If you have any doubt about whether you should take an exam or a lesson, please take a lesson.