Level II

Windsurfing Lessons Level II

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L2: Intermediate                                           Class Size: 5 students max     

The Intermediate course is very exciting because students learn on performance windsurfing boards. You will learn how to efficiently harness the wind and how to position your weight so to have the board glide over the water. Tacking, gybing and footwork techniques will be emphasized as well. The intermediate class will also introduce harness use and beach-starting, two key techniques for windsurfing in stronger winds. After the completion of this course you will have access to a large array of performance boards and sails.

Instruction Hours
6 hours of instruction (three 2 hr lessons) or (two 3 hr lessons); 20% on land and 80% on water instruction.


Prerequisite: L1 or a proficiency exam (30 hours of experience recommended)

Detailed lesson can be found HERE