Windsurfing Lessons

UBC Sailing Club offers a wide range of learn-to-windsurf lessons. Lessons are only available to UBC Sailing Club member.

The online registration system allows you to register for membership, see 2015 lesson dates, and sign up for these lessons (additional sessions may be added on demand). Our Windsurfing FAQ section lists what you need for the lessons under Equipment. PFDs (lifejackets) are provided by the club. Wetsuits are mandatory from October 1 to June 1.

Contact: Nikhil Agarwal at  ubc.windsurfing.lessons@gmail.com  to express any question or concerns.


Windsurfing Lessons Calendar HERE.  

Stand up Paddleboard Calendar HERE.

Sign up for the club here  and lessons @ http://ubc-sailing.appspot.com/windsurfing


Q.1 How does the classes work?

Students are required to take classes in the following order L1 –> L2 –> Highwind.

Q.2 What does letters after the class means i.e L1A , L1B etc ?

Each letter just means it is a different class.

Q.3 I am confused about the timing.

When in doubt always check the calendar as it has the most accurate times. The link for the calendar is http://ubc-sailing.appspot.com/windsurfing_calendar. When still in doubt feel free to contact Nikhil Agarwal at ubc.windsurfing.lessons@gmail.com .

Q.4 Where am I suppose to meet the instructor?

Wait at the log near the Jericho Office.