Kayaking Trip Policy

• Members can book and take kayaks on trips away from the home zone without advertising to the club at large;
• Members shall request permission to take kayaks with a minimum of 5 days notice although it would be advisable to provide more notice;
• Permission will not be granted until 5 to 7 days before the trip to allow for open club trips to be organized and take priority;
• Granting of permission for any trip is at the discretion of the kayak executive and club safety officer;
• Club lessons and club trips that are open to all members shall take priority;
• There will always be a minimum of three kayaks available at Jericho;
• No non-members shall be allowed to use club kayaks on trips away from the Jericho home zone;
• Trip leaders must file a trip safety plan with the Safety Officer as usual; and
• Trip leaders must file a trip report after their trip so that the whole club can gain from their experience;