Info for Newcomers

First things first: if you haven’t yet, you should register for the club! Once registered as a UBC Sailing Club member, you should get your JSCA card from the Jericho Sailing Centre main office and set it up. This card is your key to accessing all Jericho and UBC Sailing facilities and equipment!

Any UBC Sailing member must pay for a UBC membership, a Jericho membership, and a refundable work deposit.

UBC Membership:

STUDENT (Registered at UBC): $99*

ASSOCIATE WITH STUDENT DISCOUNT (Full-time student at a university other than UBC with current student card and time table): $215


Our memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Jericho Membership:

Annual membership to Jericho Sailing Centre Association, home of the club.  Provides access to hot showers, members’ lounge, restaurant discounts, rooftop deck, races and the best safety and rescue service in English Bay.  Mandatory for all members of UBC Sailing Club.


FAMILY (for couples that reside at the same address): $142


Refundable Deposits

WORK DEPOSIT: $150.  This mandatory deposit is refunded to members who complete a total of eight hours of volunteer work over the term of their membership.
HIGH WIND DEPOSIT: $100.  This optional deposit is for high wind windsurfing members to access this specific equipment.

*Last updated for the 2019 season

Jericho Sailing Centre Facilities

UBC Sailing is housed at Jericho Sailing Centre. As such, all UBC Sailing members must also be Jericho members, as described in our registration process. This gives you access to all of Jericho’s facilities and benefits. This includes:

  • Showers and changing room on the second floor
  • Lounge area with fireplace on second floor
  • Members only section on second floor balcony
  • 10% discount from the Galley restaurant (be sure to mention membership and show card when ordering)

As a member, you can also rent a storage locker, or space for your own boat. You are also allowed to participate in the regular Sunday and Tuesday sailboat racing series Jericho puts on. For more information, you should contact Jericho.


UBC Sailing Facilities and Equipment

UBC Sailing has extensive sailing, windsurfing and SUP, and kayaking fleets. To access any of our fleets, you will either need to take lessons or a proficiency exam. Exact rules regarding access to various watercraft may be found in our official club rules.

Equipment is stored in a variety of locations: our main club room, a high performance room, a fix-it room, the Jericho boatyard, windsurfing and SUP lockers, and the powerboat cage. In the process of getting certified on any given fleet, you will be shown where the appropriate club equipment is stored. 

UBC Sailing Club Room

A large amount of our equipment is stored in the UBC Sailing club room. This room is located on the main floor of the Jericho building. Proceed through the entrance past the office until you reach a corridor on your right. The club room is located at this corner. The first class for beginning sailing, kayaking, SUPing, and windsurfing usually meets by the club room.

Access to the club room is via your JSCA card. You won’t have access until you get certified on a fleet, and complete the steps described here 

In addition to having lots of club equipment, the club room has PFDs (personal flotation devices) for member use, cubbies to store your personal gear, and the sign-out log for watercraft. Please remember to sign out your equipment here whenever going out. There are also whiteboards on the wall that are used to record any problems with our fleets. Please make use of them!

Next Steps

After joining and getting your JSCA card, your next step is probably to sign up for some lessons so that you can get certified on one of our fleets. This is done via our appspot interface. Here are more details on sailing, windsurfing, SUP, and kayaking lessons.

It is also important to stay in touch with other members of the club. We have a newsletter, Facebook group, meetup group, youtube channel, and several email lists as described here.

You might also want to purchase a wetsuit from the club. These are required safety gear in the colder months from October 1st to June 1st.