The UBC Sailing Club has been offering students and community members affordable access to sailboats and sailing instruction for over 50 years.

The club has grown to be the largest not-for-profit sailing club in Canada, with over 400 annual members and 70 watercraft. Our lesson program is the largest and most affordable of its kind in Canada.

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History Briefs:

1951 Sailing club active in fund-raising to enable competing in Seattle Intercollegiate regatta. Club members were able to attend the February 1951 regatta, and had very good results in the following several years.

1956 Bruce taylor, Keith Plant, Dave Burton, and Peter McBean sailed in the Seattle regatta.

1959 Commodore Bruce Taylor encouraged the construction of 6, Penguin class dinghies over the summer months. In September 1959 the Club proudly exhibited their new boats at the AMS Clubs Days event.

1961 Sailing club members participated as a University Athletic team, racing against Seattle University, University of Washington, and other colleges. During the winter, the Club used the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club float near Jericho beach, for mooring and launching practice sailing.

1973 Club was sailing the popular Flying Junior class. The modern version of this same design is a significant part of the Club’s current dinghy fleet.

1968 UBCSC lessons were taught out of the Kitsilano Yacht Club.

1980’s UBCSC returned the RVYC favour by loaning UBCSC dinghies to RVYC, enabling the prestigious club to run regattas.

1980’s UBCSC makes purchase of Hobies for new multihull fleet.

1988 UBCSC took possession of the Tsubasa, a hand built 24 foot keelboat. The Tsubasa, built by and singlehand-sailed across the Pacific by Takafumi Arai, was donated to UBCSC by Takafumi’s father Mamoru Arai.

1999 Windsurfing club at UBC parties like it’s 1999. Club suffers from two digit year error (and financial insolvency), and is deconstituted. UBC Sailing Club adds windsurfing fleet.

2003 UBCSC added kayak fleet.

2007 Fleet renewal program begins with purchase of Vanguard 15, Lasers.

2008 Long serving and well loved Pirate class is retired and replaced with modern version of the classic Flying Junior class.  Hot new Nacra F18s are added to the catamaran fleet.

2009 Fleet renewal complete with purchase of RS-500 high performance fleet.