Sailing Fleet

The UBC Sailing club has an extensive sailing fleet, consisting of 20 monohulls, 6 high performance skiffs, and 8 catamarans. Members are allowed unlimited use once they achieve appropriate certification through lessons or proficiency exams. On many of our sailboats, guests are allowed. For exact specifications on the requirements for taking out a particular watercraft, please consult our rulebook

For questions regarding the monohull fleet, please email the monohull fleet captain. For questions regarding the skiffs, please email the skiff bosun, and for questions regarding the catamarans, please email the high performance fleet captain.

Flying Junior (FJ)


The FJ is a fun and stable double-handed boat for people who are learning to sail. The FJ is a tough and agile performer. The FJ is the most popular double-handed dinghy among collegiate sailing teams in North America. All our beginner sailing lessons are taught on FJs.
Number of boats in fleet: 8


Vanguard 15


The Vanguard 15 (V15) is an exciting double-handed, one-design sailboat. The V15 is a fast and stable boat that is best suited for intermediate sailors. The ample cockpit size and generous sail plan makes this boat as comfortable as it is fun to sail. The V15 fleet is our main racing fleet.
Number of boats in fleet: 7




The Laser is a challenging single-handed, one design sailboat that has become the world’s most popular dinghy. The Laser rewards athleticism, subtle steering and trimming techniques, as well as tactical excellence. Everything you need to know about sailing can be learned on this boat.
Number of boats in fleet: 5




The RS500 is a high performance dinghy that stays true to a “keep it simple” philosophy. An open and uncluttered cockpit combined with a powerhouse sail plan makes this boat simply exhilarating. For those that like it extra fast, the RS500 has a massive asymmetrical spinnaker and is also setup for single trapezing.
Number of boats in fleet: 4




The RS800 is the big brother of the RS500.  Boasting dual trapeze, a self tacking jib and and a large asymmetric spinnaker, this is a true high performance skiff.  The kite rigging set-up challenges crews to be fit and coordinated, and maneuvers in the boat require athleticism.
Number of boats in fleet: 2


Hobie 16


With its legendary design and induction into the Sailing Hall of Fame, the Hobie 16 is truly in a class of its own. Powerful enough to challenge veteran sailors yet easy enough for beginners, the Hobie 16 is the perfect all-around cat. Its asymmetrical hulls eliminate the need for dagger boards and this the perfect launching catamaran.
Number of boats in fleet: 3


Nacra F18 & Nacra F18 Infusions


The Nacra F18 features double trapeze and asymmetric spinnaker as well as high-aspect dagger boards and rudders for blistering upwind performance. The deck layout is clean, straightforward and efficient and the uniquely shaped high performance hulls allow the boat to be driven hard in rough conditions.

This wave piercing speed machine is not for the faint of heart.  You have been warned!
Number of boats in fleet: 3 Nacra F18, 2 Nacra F18 Infusions