Kayaking Fleet

Kayak Fleet

The UBC Sailing Club has a fleet of 4 single fibreglass kayaks, 1 double fibreglass kayak, and 12 plastic kayaks. They are all stored just a few steps from the beach for an easy access.

The UBC Sailing Club has both single and double-kayaks. Go solo around Jericho, as a group, or take a friend along for the ride. Join an organized overnight trip or organize your own.

We have all the equipment required for sea kayaking (skirts, pumps, spare paddles, life jacket etc…). You will only need to have your own wetsuit / booties / gloves so you are not feeling cold on the water.


The UBC Sailing Club also has a bunch of kayaking books that can be borrowed, as well as maps of various areas. You will need to leave a deposit of $20 for each book or map. We also have a couple of VHF radios that we use for trips, and these are free to take for trip organizers. A kayak dolly is also available to move them around and easily access the water. A few sets of foamies are available to carry the kayaks on the roof of a car.