Meet the Exec

The club is run by the “exec”, a very dedicated group of volunteers who put in countless hours. In fact many of the exec will average over 10 hours per week from early spring to late fall. There is not a single member of the exec who is paid for the time they put in.

With this in mind please remember to be patient and understanding when dealing with the executive – this is not a business, it is a non-profit club. Remember we do not like to say no, but we have to in order to make sure the club is fun and safe for all members. If you happen to have the opportunity, no member of the exec will turn down a beer and good discussion on the patio.



  < William Pardoe commodore@ubcsailing.org
Treasurer: Yahel Jarus treasurer@ubcsailing.org
Vice-Commodore: Karlton Scheu vice-commodore@ubcsailing.org

  < Golnoosh Samei registrar@ubcsailing.org
Recruitement and Social Media Coordinator: Brayden Wilkinson
Women in Sailing Coordinator: Judy Reiman

  < Francis Belanger safety@ubcsailing.org
Lessons Coordinator:

  < Asif Mammadov sailing-lessons@ubcsailing.org
Monohull Captain:

  < Ben Scoten monohull@ubcsailing.org
FJ Bosun: Doug Storey
Laser Bosun: Serhiy Opushnyev
Vanguard Bosun: Eddie Pandke
High Performance Fleet Captain:

  < Antony Mbugua hp@ubcsailing.org
HP Events/Trips:

  < Kaspar Russ hpevent@ubcsailing.org
Skiff Bosun:

  < Nathan Ilten
Multihull Bosun (F18): Eytan Moudahi
Windsurfing Captain:

  < Adrien Grelon windsurfing@ubcsailing.org
Windsurfing Lessons Coordinator: Nikhil Argawal ubc.windsurfing.lessons@gmail.com
Windsurfing Bosun: Marcelo Chilinque
Windsurfing Bosun: Ben Middleton
Windsurfing Social: Sean MacDonald
Kayaking Fleet Captain: Romain Di Costanzo kayak@ubcsailing.org
Kayaking First Officer: Alberto Contreras
Sailing Team Representative: James Hare
Sailing Team President: Ashley Belle Burns
Social Chair:

  < Paul Geddes social@ubcsailing.org
Social Assistant: Nadine Pinnell
Keats: Megan Cramb
Secretary: Kaitlin Lovering secretary@ubcsailing.org
Merchandise : Jack Lloyd merchandise@ubcsailing.org
Social Outreach : Karin McFarlin socialoutreach@ubcsailing.org
Social Outreach Assistant: Kate Slowski
Facilities: Alan Benckhuysen
JSCA Representative: William Pardoe

  < Jonathan Groves cards@ubcsailing.org
IT(Website): Tom Lee website@ubcsailing.org
IT(Registration): Kris McFarlin