COVID-19 Guidelines

💧 Be respectful of others at Jericho 💧 Maintain a distance of 2 meters 💧

💧 Access may be limited 💧 Be kind and patient with your fellow members 💧 

💧 You are responsible for your health 💧 Wash your hands 💧 Don’t touch your face 💧

Which craft can I use? 

  • Any single-handed craft you are qualified on (Laser, windsurfer, SUP, kayak)
  • Double-handed craft with members of your household or bubble
    • Skippers with Intermediate certification or higher can bring guests on double-handed craft
    • HP fleet rules still apply for crew certification requirements on RS and F18
    • No guests on FJs; 2 members with Beginner certification or higher can sail an FJ together

What do I need before I leave my home?

  • Bring a face mask to wear in the Jericho compound and a ziploc bag to keep it dry while you’re on the water
  • Bring a smartphone to use the online logbook system
  • Check the online logbook to see how many craft are currently signed out
  • Bring a thermos and warm clothing as hot showers and fireplace aren’t available 

How do I access the Jericho facilities?

  • Enter via the regular gate near the parking lot/bike racks
  • Follow the directions given by Jericho staff 
  • You must wear a mask in the compound and building
  • Follow the signs for one-way circulation in the building and boatyard
  • The second floor of the building is closed
  • Hand-washing, toilet and shower facilities are provided in the yard

How do I use the clubrooms?

  • Maximum 1 person at a time in the club room, HP room, and fix-it room (unless you are members of the same household or bubble) 
  • Wait outside in the hallway with a 2 meter spacing between people 

How do I take out a vessel?

  • There is no advance reservation
  • When you arrive at the club, sign out a vessel in the online logbook using your smartphone (see signage in room for link)
  • If all vessels are signed out when you arrive, put your name on the whiteboard on the door to claim a spot on the waitlist. Remember to remove your name from the waitlist if your turn comes up or if you leave.
  • Time limits will be enforced to allow more members a chance to get on the water:
2-hour maximum 4-hour maximum
  • Laser (even if racing)
  • SUP
  • Windsurfer 
  • Kayaks (single or double)
  • Double-handed sailboats 
  • Maintain 2-meter physical distancing while rigging 
  • Note, Lasers have been intentionally interspersed with other boats to help with physical distancing while rigging.  Please return them to the same spot.   

How do I return and clean the vessels?

  • Lasers should be brought back to shore as usual: find someone to bring you a dolly, but maintain 2-meter distancing. If nobody is around, gently lift the boat onto the sand while you get the dolly.
  • After bringing back any craft, disinfect high-touch areas using soap and water.  You will find buckets with soap and sponges near the Lasers. 
  • Please disinfect: 
    • Dolly handle
    • Tiller
    • Paddles
    • Windsurfer boom
    • Lifejacket (PFD)
    • Gunwales, including under the edge where you pick up the boat
    • Anywhere else you touched a lot, except sheets and lines 
  • If you finish the soap, refill it from the supply in the club room. 
  • Be sure to wash your hands after handling the boats!
  • Remember to disinfect your cellphone when you get a chance!

Note: These guidelines will be updated as the season progresses through stages of relaxing restrictions. 

Consequences of violating the rules will be determined at the discretion of the Steering Committee and may include: forfeiting your work deposit, being suspended from the club, or being expelled from the club.