Club Rules

UBC Sailing Club Rules

You, and only you, are responsible for your safety on the water. Get all the safety knowledge you can and use it.
Failure to follow club rules listed below may result in penalties up to immediate revocation of membership privileges, pending review by the executive committee.
Log books are a legal document wherein you are taking responsibility for the craft you are taking out.  You are responsible for any damage occurring through use.
UBC Sailing Club rules:
  1. In order to use a craft you must be a member in good standing and qualified on the appropriate fleet (based on individual fleet/craft qualification rules). As skipper you are responsible for yourself, your crew, and craft.  Including ensuring that you and your crew meets the requirements to use a boat and any damage they cause through their action/inaction.
  2. Ensuring the sea-worthiness of equipment prior to launch is the skipper’s responsibility.
  3. All crafts are for day-use only and may only be launched from JSCA unless approved by specific fleets or for club sanctioned events.
  4. All members must abide by the rules of individual fleets when using that fleet’s craft.
  5. All craft must be signed out in the logbook.
  6. Sailboats may not be beached.