Constitution & Rules

UBC Sailing Club Rules and Policies

This PDF document outlines UBC Sailing Club’s rules and policies. The Executive Committee of the UBC Sailing Club reserves the right to determine what, if any, consequences are appropriate if the rules and policies outlined in this manual are neglected or disregarded. The rules outlined herein are for the safety of our members and to act as a safeguard against unforeseen events; however this document is not exhaustive, and members must always take appropriate precaution and care. This document is subject to change at any time, at the discretion of the executive committee. Safety of our members and stewardship of our equipment are of the utmost concern to the UBC Sailing Club. If you have any questions regarding this manual or its contents, please email

UBC Sailing Club Constitution and By-Laws

Constitution amended January 19th, 2015
Inquiries regarding the constitution or by-laws may be directed to


 JSCA and External Rules and Policies

In addition to the club rules, here are some of the external rules you should be aware of:
  • Always wear your P.F.D. on the water.
  • Sail powered craft have the right of way over powercraft, paddle and rowing powered craft.
  • All non-commercial vessels shall keep well clear of commercial vessels.
  • It is illegal and extremely dangerous to pass between a tug and it’s tow.
  • A port tack sailing vessel shall keep clear of a starboard tack vessel.
  • A windward vessel shall keep clear of a leeward vessel.
  • A vessel clear astern shall keep clear of a vessel ahead.
  • Any vessel overtaking another shall keep clear.
  • A vessel tacking or gybing shall keep clear of a vessel on a tack.
  • The area south of the orange can buoys is for training or transiting only.
  • Stay well clear of groups of beginners.
  • Swimming or wading on the beach in front of the Centre is prohibited and is particularly dangerous for small children.
  • It is unsafe to loiter or let children play near the bottom of launching ramps.
  • Stay well clear of the end of the Jericho Pier as fishers cast lines as far as possible
  • Be cautious of pathway traffic when launching/retrieving.
  • Do not leave your craft on the shoreline for extended periods of time.
  • Beware of underwater hazards on the sea bottom between ramps 3 and 4.