Double-handed fleet now open and guests are allowed!

Following the lead of the province and Jericho Sailing Centre Association moving to Phase 2 of reopening, we are updating our COVID guidelines.

Double-handed fleet

The double-handed fleet is now open for use. You must still follow Dr. Bonnie Henry’s advice on expanding your social contact to only extended family and a small group of friends. So if your bubble isn’t full yet, time to call your favourite sailing partner and buddy up!

The de-winterizing work party didn’t happen during COVID, so there are some fleet limitations:

  • Vanguards: Only one boat currently has its mast up. The rest will be rigged soon. (See work party request on our Facebook page!)
  • Hobies: Check the rudder cams on shore before rigging. If you can easily lift the rudders and lock and unlock the cams, you’re good to go. If not, try another boat and please tell which boat needs rudder servicing.

Guest policy 

We realize that your preferred sailing partner may not be a member of the club yet so we’re allowing guests, with a couple of caveats.  

  • To minimize possible burden on Jericho Rescue, only skippers with Intermediate certification or higher can bring guests.  
  • Beginner sailors cannot bring guests, but can sail the FJs with another member who is certified Beginner or higher.  
  • Of course, HP fleet rules about crew qualifications for RS and F18 still apply.  
  • And as always, no guests on single-handed craft.  

See the COVID guidelines for a summary of the current policies.  

“Adopt a boat” — Work hour opportunity

Maybe you’d rather adopt a kitten or puppy, but how about adopting a boat?  Choose a boat here then scrub it, rig it, and make a detailed list of any issues you encounter. If you are confident in your repair abilities you can do quick fixes with available parts – just make a note about your repairs and which parts you used.  We’ll credit you a reasonable number of work hours for scrubbing, rigging and repairing.  

New members — STAY TUNED

We hope to open up UBC Sailing Club to new members shortly.  We are working on a safe distancing plan for lessons and proficiency exams so that new members have a way to get on the water.  Keep an eye out for further announcements. 

In the meantime, Head Instructor Christoph is continuing to offer online lessons like this one:

FREE ONLINE Intro to windsurfing lesson — June 3, 2020

On Wednesday, June 3, 2020 from 6:30 – 8:00 PM, join us via Zoom (Password: 528799). We will cover all the basic parts of the board. Major design changes over the years so that you don’t end up with a kit that isn’t compatible. Rigging and fine tuning your sail, fin and board will also be covered. Questions are encouraged.


Hope to see you on the water!

Your Steering Committee

UBC Sailing Club 2020 Registration is Open

Ahoy members!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here: UBC Sailing Club registration is open for the 2020 season!

Only returning members can register at this time due to COVID restrictions.  We will not be holding in-person registration events — only online registration is available. 

Log in and register now!  

  • If you have 8+ work hours from last year, stop at the checkout page and contact us before paying. We will credit you the work deposit.
  • If you are a student who registered in fall 2019, login to reactivate your account for 2020, then stop at the checkout page and contact us. 

We are doing our best to get you on the water while ensuring the safety of our members.  Here are some ways this season will be different:  

  • Facilities. Jericho Sailing Centre has opened in a limited capacity and UBC Sailing Club has enacted COVID-19 Guidelines to safely use the facilities and fleets. 
  • Safety. Jericho Rescue will be operating with significantly reduced capacity. Remember it’s your responsibility to check your craft and weather conditions before leaving the beach. 
  • Lessons. No lessons are being offered right now. After you register and pay, you will be able to use the fleets that you are qualified on. We are developing new lessons options that work within physical distancing guidelines. Stay tuned!
  • Membership. Currently, only returning members can register.  When we can relax some restrictions and start offering lessons, we will open up registration for new members.  
  • Fleets. Since we have a limited number of single-handed craft and a lot of pent-up demand, we ask that you limit your time on the water to let the next member get their fix. Please respect the durations in the new online logbook system.  We’re all in this together!

This season we find ourselves in a situation that is unprecedented in the 60 years of the Club.  As the season progresses, we may relax restrictions upon guidance from public health officers and Jericho.  Keep checking the Club’s COVID-19 Guidelines for updates.  We are committed to expanding the ways you can get on the water as the situation evolves.  

We look forward to seeing familiar faces around the boats and saying hello from a 2 meter distance!


Your Steering Committee


Jericho opening this weekend!

Hello everyone,

Jericho just sent out an email that they are planning to reopen their facility this weekend. This is great news!  

Access to the Jericho facility and our fleets will look very different from normal this year.  The club’s COVID-19 Guidelines have been approved by Jericho and we are counting on you to follow them so that we can continue to enjoy the privilege of ocean access. 

Our goal is to open UBC Sailing Club registration by Saturday, May 16th.  Registration will occur online and will be limited to returning members only at this time.  

We will notify you as soon as registration is open.  After you register and pay for the 2020 season, you will be able to start accessing the fleet using the physical distancing Guidelines

We know you are eager to get on the water and we are excited to finally facilitate that for you! 


Your Steering Committee

Coronavirus Update #2 – March 19, 2020

Hello everyone,

The situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve rapidly. As we recently learned, the Jericho Sailing Centre will be closed until further notice to help reduce the risk of the virus spreading. 

Therefore we have decided to:

  • ground the fleet until further notice for safety reasons, as Jericho Rescue won’t be available during the Centre’s closure (even for experienced members, hardware failure, cold water, etc. pose a risk without Jericho Rescue);
  • cancel the work party scheduled for March 21st; and
  • delay registration for returning members and new members until we have more clarity on this season’s timeline.

We know you are itching to get on the water in this nice weather but we must be prudent during this unusual situation. We will continue to keep you informed as the situation evolves and we are looking forward to kicking off the new season with you all very soon.

On a brighter note, on April 15th at 6 pm, we will hold an online meeting to provide a brief update on the Club’s upcoming season and discuss fleet renewal for the future. We look forward to hearing your ideas on what our dream fleet could look like. We’ll share more details on how to join the meeting as we draw closer to the date.

Please reach out to if you have any questions. 

Thank you,

The Steering Committee

Coronavirus Update #1 – March 14, 2020

Hello everybody,

As most of us are well aware, the global coronavirus situation (COVID-19) is developing rapidly. With the wellbeing of our sailing club community in mind, we have postponed the fleet renewal meeting that was scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th. We are still looking forward to hearing your feedback and ideas, which will happen through online communication for the time being. We will update you regarding details soon. Feel free to email us at with your ideas on fleet renewal in the meantime.

Additionally, we regret to announce that our Returning Members Night (March 27) and Membership Registration Day (March 28) are cancelled in favour of online-only registration. We will follow up with more details on the online registration process in the coming days. We know these are special events for club members to kick off the season, which makes this a difficult decision. However, considering the rapid development of COVID-19 and the large crowds that these two events attract, we believe this is the right decision. 

We are still planning to hold the Work Party on March 21 to ensure our boats and gear are ready for the season. While this type of gathering poses a low risk, please do not come to the work party if you are feeling sick or if you travelled outside of Canada in the 2 weeks prior. For those who do come to the work party, please practice good hand hygiene and limit close contact with others.   

We appreciate your patience as we adjust to these circumstances. As always you can reach us at with questions, comments and feedback.


Your Steering Committee