Advanced I

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ADVANCED I                               Class Size: 6 students

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This course teaches advanced sailing and boat handling skills on our brand-new RS500 dinghies, a fast skiff-style boat. You will learn how to rig and sail the RS500, including trapeze skills, in medium wind (8 – 14 knots).

For very experienced sailors, or those who have finished Intermediate (or White Sail III) lessons followed by at least 40 hours of sailing without instructor supervision. You must be confident skippering, capsizing and righting a Vanguard15 and/or Laser in medium wind.  Before attending Advanced I lessons, you must have completed 150 tacks and 150 gybes on a Laser, independently, this season.

Instruction Hours
24 hours, over the course of four lessons.  Weekend lessons run 10 AM – 5 PM, evening lessons run 6 PM – 9 PM.

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