Access Cards

Access Cards Set Up

If you’ve gotten a new Jericho card, or your access card isn’t working, follow the steps below:

Step Action
1 After registering for the club, receive your Jericho (JSCA) card from the front office.
2 Complete the online safety quiz and the survey. You must complete both in order for your card to work.
4 Go to the registration site at
5 Click “edit profile”


6 Enter your card number (in the area shown in the image below) and hit save.

Your card number is a 7-digit number.  The first two digits are always “61”, and the last 5 digits are located on the back of your JSCA card (near the bottom middle of the card).

Eg. 6112345 would be a valid card number if you card shows “12345” on the back side.


It will take up to an hour for your information to be updated on the access control system, if after this time you are having problems please email