Tsunami News – August 14, 2020

Meet the Steering Committee: Mona

Hello Sailors, Kayakers and Windsurfers,

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the summer so far! Although the weather’s been quite variable, hopefully you’ve all been able to get out on the water, and enjoy the short periods of nice weather that we’ve had.

I’d like to write a little bit about myself as an introduction. I’m a third-year UBC student studying Applied Animal Biology. I spent almost every summer of my childhood sailing at Jericho as part of one of the other clubs there, and joined the UBC Sailing Club last year to get back into sailing. I just started taking lessons this summer, so hopefully I can get back onto the water soon. I’m working at the Jericho office this summer, so I’ll see some of you around!

– Mona, and the Steering Committee

Positions open on Steering Committee for 2020/2021

October is slowly approaching, which means our AGM is just around the corner, and it’s time to form our new Steering Committee.  A few vacant positions need to be filled: Treasurer, Commodore and two Rear-Commodores.  

Other very important roles that are not part of the Steering Committee also need to be filled: High Performance Fleet Captain and High Performance Bosun. You are encouraged to apply for any other roles that interest you and you deem yourself qualified for.

See this overview of the Steering Committee structure and descriptions of all the roles. 

If you are interested or have any questions about these roles, please reach out to hello@ubcsailing.org. We’d love to have you join our Steering Committee and our team of Bosuns and Fleet Captains!

Jericho Board Liaison

The Jericho Sailing Centre Association will elect 7 new Board members at their AGM on October 27.  UBC Sailing Club is seeking member(s) who can represent the Club’s interests upon election to the JSCA Board. Interested members who can offer time and expertise are invited to submit a letter indicating experience and areas of interest to the JSCA Nominations Committee c/o the Jericho office by 1700H on October 13.  The letter must include your name, address and telephone number.  See the In the Wind newsletter for more info.

Day Trip to Bowen Island – Sept. 12

Our annual trip to Bowen Island is happening Saturday, September 12th. This is an opportunity for members of all skill levels to sail the High Performance catamarans on a full day trip. We are looking for F18 certified sailors to skipper. Members will need to sail with their bubble partners.  Additionally, if you’re looking for work hours, we also need 2 people willing to take a motorboat and accompany the group. If you’re interested or have any questions email Raul at raulyoyo@yahoo.com

Gentle Reminders – Social Bubble

Please only sail with people who are part of your social bubble, which means sailing with people who are part of your household or immediate social circle. If none of your friends outside of the Club sail,  choose one sailing partner within the Club and sail only with this person for the rest of the season. We want people to minimize the number of sailing partners this season to reduce mixing of social bubbles during this time of COVID. Thank you for understanding. 

Reminder – Never Leave Doors Unlocked

Please never leave doors to the club room, HP room, SUP storage locker or any other room unlocked. This allows members to be in rooms they normally can’t access and, most significantly, it gives non-members access to our equipment. If you see one of our doors open and no one is inside, please close it. Thank you!

Work hour update – Volunteering as Jericho Gate Ambassador

Volunteering at one of the gates counts as work hours for UBC Sailing Club! Past shifts will be counted as well! For more information about the Jericho Gate Ambassador program, see the JSCA newsletter.  Submit your completed work hours to UBC Sailing Club via this Google Form.

Photo Contest

We are bringing back the UBCSC Photo Contest! It’s time to capture your greatest memories at the Club and send them our way for a chance to gain work hours! The first winner will be announced Monday August 17th,  so post your submission soon.

How it works:

1) Take a photo related to UBC Sailing Club

2) Post it to the UBC Sailing Facebook group, share it publicly on Facebook or Instagram (ubcsc), and tag it with #UBCSailing

3) Every 2 weeks the SC will award the author of the best photo with one work hour! Multiple submissions are allowed and encouraged! Videos are also allowed. The winning photo/video will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram page. The winner for the first contest will be announced August 17th!

We look forward to seeing your photos/videos!

Work Hours Submission Form

Completed some work hours? We’ve created a Google Form to collect everyone’s work hours and make sure we are accurately keeping track of all of your volunteer work.