Coronavirus Update #1 – March 14, 2020

Hello everybody,

As most of us are well aware, the global coronavirus situation (COVID-19) is developing rapidly. With the wellbeing of our sailing club community in mind, we have postponed the fleet renewal meeting that was scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th. We are still looking forward to hearing your feedback and ideas, which will happen through online communication for the time being. We will update you regarding details soon. Feel free to email us at with your ideas on fleet renewal in the meantime.

Additionally, we regret to announce that our Returning Members Night (March 27) and Membership Registration Day (March 28) are cancelled in favour of online-only registration. We will follow up with more details on the online registration process in the coming days. We know these are special events for club members to kick off the season, which makes this a difficult decision. However, considering the rapid development of COVID-19 and the large crowds that these two events attract, we believe this is the right decision. 

We are still planning to hold the Work Party on March 21 to ensure our boats and gear are ready for the season. While this type of gathering poses a low risk, please do not come to the work party if you are feeling sick or if you travelled outside of Canada in the 2 weeks prior. For those who do come to the work party, please practice good hand hygiene and limit close contact with others.   

We appreciate your patience as we adjust to these circumstances. As always you can reach us at with questions, comments and feedback.


Your Steering Committee