Job Posting: 2019 UBC Sailing Club Instructors

Working for the UBC Sailing Club is a highly rewarding position, giving you access to our fleet as well as being part of our vibrant sailing community. We are looking for energetic, passionate sailors, who enjoy teaching their skills to beginners and intermediate students. We are looking for multiple instructors so feel free to apply at any time or contact us about working the following season (April 1st – November 1st each year). You do not need to be a UBC student to apply for this position.


The position requires you to work independently most of the time. You report directly to the Head Instructor and the Lessons Coordinator. Duties to include:
  • Lesson planning and implementation
    • Reading all relevant materials for your class
    • Finding relevant resources (video’s, documents) for your students.
  • Contacting your class the week before the start of the lesson.
  • Preparing your motor boat and materials so that you are ready to start on time.
  • Assessing student abilities and wind conditions and adjusting classes if needed.
  • Giving regular, positive and useful feedback to students.
  • Updating and staying in contact with the head instructor about your availability.
  • Dealing with emergency situations.


Contract: April 1 – November 1, 2019 (returning teachers in good standing are always welcome the following year).
Compensation: $18-$22/hour depending on experience and years active as an instructor.
Please note: ​Classes usually run on weekends (9:30am to 5:00pm) and after normal work hours (5:30pm-9:30pm Monday through Friday) throughout the summer.
Being an instructor for the club is meant to be a supplement to other work or school as we do not offer full time hours.


Previous teaching experience:​ ​Any teaching experience is welcome, sailing teaching experience a plus.
Pleasure Craft Operators Card: ​You will be operating a motor boat in your classes so this is required.
VHF Restricted Operators Certificate:​ ​Required.​ This certification can be obtained through the club safety
executive if you do not have one.
Valid first aid certificate: ​Required​. Minimum certification required is Emergency First Aid w/ CPR. (Standard
First Aid w/ CPR & AED is recommended)
Sailing experience: ​You will be teaching students on ​Flying Junior​, ​Laser​, and ​Vanguard 15 ​vessels. You do
not need to have completed your sailors training through UBC, external certifications and experience are
welcome. Racing experience is definitely welcome! We will assess your qualifications based on your previous
experience as well as ‘on the water’ time to verify your skills.


Our club operates out of the Jericho Sailing Centre at 1300 Discovery St, Vancouver, BC.


TO APPLY, please e-mail Christoph Hofmeister at