Changes to Intermediate Sailing Lessons

Please note the following changes starting April 2018:
 Intermediate sailing lessons will now be split into Intermediate I and Intermediate II.
 You can sign up for an Intermediate I Class immediately after successful completion of the Beginner class if you feel you are ready.
Intermediate I: This class is 28 hours of instruction class primarily focuses on the basic skills and handling of the more advanced monohull sailboats. It is aimed to give students who have passed the beginners class access to the 2 crew 2 sail Vanguard and the single sail single crew, Laser. The class may touch on the more advanced sailing techniques and Racing rules but will not be part of the passing criteria. 
Intermediate II: Take this course if you want to get into racing Lasers or Vanguard 15’s or want to work on skills that will help with your success in the Advanced 1 class. This is a shorter 14 hours of instruction split over 3 weeks aimed at showing you more advanced monohull skills and racing Techniques. This course is not required for you to sign up for the Advanced 1 course. However since Advanced 1 focuses on some pretty challenging skills it is highly recommended that you take this course in order to give you the best chance of success!
We’re excited to announce that we’re implementing a modified Intermediate sailing lesson curriculum and structure this season. These changes will make it easier for members to progress from beginner to intermediate, while also ensuring a more approachable and smoother transition from intermediate to advanced.

Intermediate I will focus on sailing skills for the intermediate fleet (Vanguards and Lasers), with successful completion of Intermediate I granting the member access to those fleets. If desired, students may progress immediately after successful completion of beginner to Intermediate I, although extra practise time on the water between courses is always encouraged (in previous years 30 hours of sailing time in the FJs was required). Intermediate I will comprise of 28 hrs of instruction, cost $145, and will have a maximum of 10 students per section.


Intermediate II will focus on advanced sailing skills for monohull boats: rudderless sailing, sailing backwards, roll-tacking, and racing. Intermediate II will comprise of 14 hrs of instruction (2 weekend days, separated by at least one weekend to allow students to practice course material on their own time), cost $90, and will have a maximum of 6 students per section. Intermediate II will serve as the pre-requisite for Advanced I (the Hobie track will not require Intermediate II).


Why are we making these changes?

We’ve heard feedback from students and instructors and we think these changes will address the following concerns:

-By removing the required sailing time between beginner and intermediate, it will be easier for members to progress into the single-handed lasers, and reduce dependency on the availability of a sailing partner.  

-By splitting off the advanced sailing skills components into Intermediate II, we can better focus on sailing the intermediate boats safely and effectively, helping students master the essential skills in intermediate I. We also recognize that not all students wish to progress into more advanced sailing and racing; this change gives members more choice in their sailing instruction.

-By having a dedicated course for advanced monohull sailing skills, we can better prepare students for the skiff (Advanced I, II, and III) lessons.


I took the old Intermediate course… What now?

You have the option of either registering in Intermediate II or going into Advanced I. We aren’t changing your certification retroactively.


I registered for an Intermediate course this season online… What now?

We’ve updated the registration system and lesson calendar to reflect these changes. If you were in Intermediate A before, you’re now in Intermediate I A. Several sections of Intermediate II are open for registration.


If you have any questions about these changes, please email