April 30, 2018 Tsunami News

Changes to Intermediate Sailing Lessons


Please note the following changes starting April 2018:

We are changing the Intermediate Class into Intermediate I and Intermediate II.

You can sign up for an Intermediate I Class immediately after successful completion of the Beginner Class if you feel you are ready.

Intermediate I: This class is 28 hours of instruction class primarily focuses on the basic skills and handling of the more advanced monohull sailboats. It is aimed to give students who have passed the beginners class access to the 2 crew 2 sail Vanguard and the single sail single crew, Laser. The class may touch on the more advanced sailing techniques and Racing rules but will not be part of the passing criteria.

Intermediate II: Take this course if you want to get into racing Lasers or Vanguard 15’s or want to work on skills that will help with your success in the Advanced 1 class. This is a shorter 14 hours of instruction split over 3 weeks aimed at showing you more advanced monohull skills and racing Techniques. This course is not required for you to sign up for the Advanced 1 course. However since Advanced 1 focuses on some pretty challenging skills it is highly recommended that you take this course in order to give you the best chance of success!

Read the full information here.

April Photo Contest

And the winner is: Sean Field
Congratulations to Sean for winning April photo contest!

Go outside/inside to take photos – you could be the next winner and cheer up your sailing friends.

Entry is easy as pie:
1) Take a photo related to UBC Sailing Club
2) Post it to the Facebook group UBC Sailing Club, share it publicly,
and tag it with #UBCSailing
3) Each month, the club will award the author of the best photo with one work hour! Multiple submissions are allowed and encouraged! Videos are also allowed.

Help get out the word about our awesome club!

Reminder to Register JSCA Card

Reminder to members:
Don’t forget to register your Jericho Sailing Center (JSCA) cards in the new UBC Sailing Club website!
The JSCA Card number can be found on the back of the card.