April 19, 2018 Tsunami News

Upcoming Lessons


We are about to kick off the new season on the water!
More Beginner and Intermediate lessons have been added for May,

Registration system is here: https://ubcsailing.org/index.php/register/

It is super easy to sign up for the new lessons:
Step #1: Log in or make your account
Step #2: Add Beginner or Intermediate Lesson(s) on the product page
Step #3: Select your desired lesson(s) from the scheduler.

Windsurfing Instructors

Windsurfing season is about to start!
We are hiring instructors for all levels (L1, L2, and High Wind).

If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please contact Windsurfing Lesson Coordinator Yifei Zhang at windsurfing-lessons@ubcsailing.org

Membership and Refund

Regarding the membership refund:

– All members requesting refunds should contact the registrar of the club, Kristen at registrar@ubcsailing.org
– Members who are expecting a refund but have not received one should send the registrar an email to receive further clarifications.
– Please include your full name and address in the email so that we can have a cheque delivered to you.